Life Coaching
"Positive, Action-Oriented Steps to Achieve a Goal/Skill"


     Holistic integration of mind, body & spirit is one of the main reasons for seeking a "Shamanic Life Coach" . . . A Shamanic Life Coach has many tools to use in helping clients reach & obtain specific goals or skills . . . A Shamanic Coach can influence a client's motivation to create a fulfilling quality of life with sense of purpose & happiness . . . Review the material below & make a note of which topic "strikes a chord" deep within your being --- this will be your starting point to the NEW YOU!!!

>  Keep in mind: to be the NEW YOU, you must change the current You! <


Shamanic Coaching Techniques  

Angel Work
Blessing/Clearing Ceremony
Dream Interpretation
Energy Work (Crystals - Huna - Reiki - Sound)
Personal Values & Outlook on Life
Qi Gong/Deep Breathing Exercises
Shamanic Dreaming/Journeying
Spirit Guides/Totems
Spiritual Tools
Soul Retrieval
Treasure Maps/Vision Boards
Universal Perspectives
Vision Quests
& more . . . There are no limits.

Preliminary questions about Shamanic Life Coaching 

Why do you want "Shamanic" Life Coaching?

How do you think the Shamanic Coach can help?

What is your primary goal for life, right now?



 Is Shamanic Life Coaching right for you? 

1. Do you truly wish to resolve the issue? Are you ready to forgive & give thanks?


2. Will you consider 3 perspectives: yours, the other person's & the "high road?"


3. Will you take immediate action once you know how to resolve the situation?


4. Do you feel "stuck" & not sure what to do next?


5. Do you feel an impending "something" & not sure of your course of action?


6. Are you willing to give up "ego" to find your spiritual purpose?


7. Do you feel "out of place," knowing there must be more?


8. Are you increasingly sensitive to the changing energies around you?


9. Do you need to outline a path to complete your soul's mission?


10. Are you willing to try strategies you aren't familiar with...Shamanism?



     If any of the above questions have caused you sleepless nights & constant fits of daydreaming, a Shamanic Coach may be able to help . . . Use your intellect, wisdom, common sense & intuition in choosing the "best person" to help you --- Just make sure you decide to do something!




Questions for Self-Examination

Are you happy?


Can you be happy?


What would make you happy?


Who do you want to be?


What do you want to do...exactly?


What do you think your purpose is on Earth?


What is your plan?


Does the same "stuff" happen over & over?



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