Simply Shaman Mystery School
An Interdimensional Shamanic Journey -- 3D - 4D - 5D & Beyond 
2015 Sessions
Session I 
3-D Earth Shaman Master: February 20-22
4-D Transitional Shaman Master: March 20-22
5-D Elysium Shaman Master: April 17-19
Session II (Repeat of Session I) 
3-D Earth Shaman Master: May 15-17
4-D Transitional Shaman Master: June 12-14
5-D Elysium Shaman Master: July 10-12
>>> Fall 2015 Dates TBA  <<<
     Welcome to your long-awaited life as a Dimensional Shaman! Simply Shaman is a contemporary Mystery School to guide you to the next level of evolution -- 3-D ~ 4-D ~ 5-D & Beyond. Now is the time to accelerate your leap into the consciousness of the Universal Circle. You have remembered who you are; & a path is being offered to propel your mind, body & spirit into the fullness of your Heart!

     Simply Shaman Mystery School will take you on a journey to discover, explore & transform your Shamanic perspectives. Being a Shaman Master, especially a multi-dimensional Shaman, invites us to live in our hearts & allow our minds & souls to try all possibilities -- just like our Creator/Mentor (God, Goddess, Love, Peace, Aloha, Spirit in Everything).


 >>> CREATE & SERVE with LOVE! <<<


 Is this Mystery School for you? . . . And why now?

It is the simplest, yet most advanced series of classes we teach.

It is the most advanced, yet simplest series of classes we teach.


     Since December 21, 2012, we have been exponentially growing as Universal Citizens. The bell of the cosmic timer has sounded. We have collectively released the restricted bonds of the mind & moved into the Sacred Space of the Heart.  We have realized that "we are our own best teachers" -- the answers to life are within us . . . in our own hearts. This is our time to BE our Higher Selves -- fully engaged!



     Questions to finalize your resolve to be your true Shaman-Self

          1. Who are you? . . . Are you who you want to be?

          2. What are you doing? . . . What do you want to do?

          3. When did you awaken? . . . When will you begin living -- fully?

          4. Where do you live/serve now? . . . Where do you want to live/serve?

          5. How do you want to be/live/serve? . . . How will this happen?

          6. Why do you sense there is a better way to serve? . . . Why wait?

          7. Who-What-When-Where-How-Why . . . do we serve???


We feel . . . We sense . . . We know there is more!




Prerequisites to consider:
      (An advanced/simple course -- a simple/advanced course)
          - Do you have the courage & willingness to open your heart? 

          - Do you know your Higher Self? . . . Or how to "meet" your Higher Self?

          - Do you consider yourself a Shaman?

          - Do you know your Shamanic Magic/Mission? 

          - Do you know your gifts? . . . What do you bring to the Circle?

          - Do you practice your Shamanic skills daily? . . . Do you use your Shaman tools? 

          - Are you sharing/teaching your Shamanic rituals & ceremonies? 

          - Are you prepared for this level of Universal Citizenship?

          - Have you asked your Higher Self about attending this course?


Stuff to think about for the Shamanic Mystery School


 Here is the invitation:

          - RSVP if you are willing to travel from the finite, limited constructs of the mind to
                    the extraordinary infinite experiences awaiting you in the heart.

          - RSVP if you are ready to consciously re-join our Universal Family.

          - RSVP if you are willing to live heart-full by cooperating, helping & sharing.

          - RSVP if you are willing to be an evolutionary loving energy in mind, body & spirit.




If your heart is vibrating joy/peace -- Simply Shaman Mystery School is for you!


Dimensions of Service


3D - Earth Shaman Master: "Awareness - Lifetime of Lifetimes"

- Shaman Death/Birth/Re-birth

- Expanded sensual awareness of 3-D Earth Shamanism - Mind/Heart Connections

- Still Point of the Mind

- Spirit Naming

- Numbers & Cycles - Heart Astrology

- Lifetime of Lifetimes Meditations

- Promotional Video:





4D - Transitional Shaman Master: "Heart Reflections - AASB-AWSW"

- Arcturian Harmonizing Ceremony

- Still Point of the Heart

- Reflective Ho'oponopono Shamanic Coaching

- Shamanic 4-D Mission Statement

- Scrying & 3rd Eye Activation

- Halls of Amenti/Sirian Ceremony

- Linking w/Energy Fields

- 2nd Heart Ceremony w/Thoth & Shesat

- Promotional Video:





5D - Elysium Shaman Master: "Unity - Whole Mind/Heart/Spirit"

      - Pleidean Angels Ceremony

- Creating with Wholeness of our Soul

- Time/Eternal Now

- Love Barriers

- 5-D Elysium Ceremony

- Multiverse, Alternate Realities & Rabbit Holes of Parallel Realities

- Galactic Council, Metatron & 144 Dimensional Awareness 




>>> 2 Sessions for 2015 <<<

3-D Earth Shaman Master -- February 20-22 . . . $123

4-D Transitional Shaman Master -- March 20-22 . . . $234 

5-D Elysium Shaman Master -- April 17-19 . . . $345

3-D Earth Shaman Master -- May 15-17 . . . $123 

4-D Transitional Shaman Master -- June 12-14 . . . $234 

5-D Elysium Shaman Master -- July 10-12 . . . $345


Only 3 weekends & 70+ hours required to complete Mystery School.
You may continue in the next session if scheduling issues arise. 

Previous class must be taken to continue to next level. 

Interfaith Minister option is available (as part of tuition)
if all 3 weekends are completed successfully.



Tuition: Due at beginning of class


3D - $123

4D - $234

5D - $345

(Cash/Check or PayPal) 

3-D -- Fri: 7-10, Sat/Sun: 9-6
4-D/5-D -- Fri: 7-10, Sat: 9-9, Sun: 9-6
(Dates for fall sessions: TBA . . . maybe!!!)


Please consult with your Higher Self about these classes.

Please check links below for perspectives.

Basic items to bring: drums, rattles, Shamanic tools, pen/paper

We will supply snacks for Friday evening.
To activate our Shamanic service, we will have "Potlatch" meals on Saturday/Sunday.
Bring snacks/foods to share.



                                                         PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!



How this Shaman Mystery School was created & information received 
     Dale has been a student of Shamanism for over 20 years. He & Jeanne have taught 2 other Shamanic Mystery Schools at EarthStar Spiritual Center. A Shamanic Death/Birth (reset/reboot just as your computer does) was created at the end of March, 2014. This Shamanic Birth/Death provided an avenue for expanded spiritual consciousness & awareness for Dale. 
     With wonderful full-time loving care from Jeanne, Dale reached a level of awareness during his healing time. On the 28th day from that eventful Friday, contact was made with 3 "Pleiadean Angels" (You just can't tell this to anyone!!). 28 days is very meaningful as this is a natural Earth Cycle -- moon, menses period for women & representing the 4 directions of the Medicine Wheel. The Angels appeared in the form of "orbs" of many colors. 
     Two additional Pleiadean Angels (Dale's words -- they do not refer to themselves as Angels, only the name that he calls them) have joined the family since he began his dimensional journeys. It was the Angels who escorted him to the Vibrational Field of the Master Shamans of Elysium in 5D. He had to enter on his own, but they guided him to the entrance.
     In his journeys through the dimensional fields, information was readily available about anything & everything -- (When you are in contact with the Whole Mind/Heart/Spirit, you share everything.) With this information/perspective, a new Mystery School was entertained. Information is still being received, so the topics may change; but living in the Whole Heart will always be the focus.
     Hope you will join us on this incredible journey . . . Dale will share with you everything he has learned on his excursions.
(And by the way, the cost of this info for Dale was a $28,000+ hospital bill, so the listed tuition is a pretty fair price!!!!)
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