Shamanic Mystery School-Aloha
Aloha is in everyone, everything & everywhere.


Shamanic Mystery School
Seven Elements of Aloha
(E hiku Ala Aloha)

A contemporary Hawaiian Huna Mystery School to help refine the connection to your HEART -- with the 7 elements of Aloha (Fire-Wind-Water-Stone-Plant-Animal-Human). Hawaiian Huna Shamanism contains the same elements as we may use on the mainland in our indigenous/native/earth ways -- fire, earth, air, water. Hawaiian perspectives divide the Earth element into 4 levels of relationship: stone, plant, animal & human. Aloha is the binding connection that is present in everyone, everything & everywhere.

Prerequisite: going within -- to the Sacred Space of the Heart & your Higher Aloha Self. 

Classes meet for a total of 4 weekends per session: February-June. Must complete previous element to move onto next level. Upon completion of all 7 elements, you will be a Certified Ho'omana Master!

Each path or "ala" will introduce perspectives to connect with the Aloha/Heart self. With 7 possible connections, you will have a choice to use all 7 or any combination to live Aloha. Each ala is listed below to familiarize yourself with the Aloha possibilities. We will devote one day to the first 6 elements & 2 days for Fire. 


Ala Kanaka (Path of Human)

Ala Holoholona (Path of Animal) 

Ala La'au (Path of Plant) 

Ala Pohaku (Path of Stone) 

Ala Wai (Path of Water) 

Ala Makani (Path of Wind) 

Ala Ahi/La (Path of Fire/Sun/Heavens)


Sat/Sun (4 weekends) -- $222 each weekend

Classes in 2015 TBA


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Optional: Upon completion of all 7 elements & ministerial reports, your ordination as an Interfaith Minister with EarthStar is included. 


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