Shamanic Principles


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"En Lak" Ech.....A Lak' En"




1. The world is what you think it is.

Your thoughts decide what is & what isn't. 

These thoughts shape your reality.

You can change your patterns of reality.


2. There are no limits.

Be free, & live your magic.

Believe in yourself.

You are unlimited.....dream big.


3. Energy flows where focus goes.

Act on your intentions.

Decide, & follow-up with action.

Persevere with your concentration.


4. Now is the moment of power.

Live fully, here & now.

The past is history.....the future is mystery.

Enjoy the moment with all your awareness.


5. Love is to be happy with someone or something.

Feel the joy in your life, & celebrate in some way.

Be "in love" with someone/something.

Spread this love/joy with every thought & every smile.


6. All power is within you.

Have confidence in yourself.

You are Divine!

You have the power to create anything.

7. Your effectiveness is your truth.

Be flexible.

Stick to your truth.

Continue successful patterns of thoughts, words & actions.



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