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     We wish for you to be an effective Shaman. Our goal as facilitators is to help you with the understanding & effective application of the teachings. We invite you to metaphorically sweep your own front steps. Let's face it...we get busy in life, & things end up on the back burner. Let's do some inner house cleaning to clear away those shadows that hinder our journey.
Here are the 3 most common areas to examine first:
     Baggage is unresolved issues from past lives, relationships, lessons, etc. Is there anything in your life that keeps you from being the best possible "You?" If so, we invite you to focus on those areas. Make the journey lighter by addressing these issues now. This clearing will make you a better Shaman; you will be able to relate to others who have had the same experiences.
     Your personal wellness is a great indication of your overall spiritual fitness. Ancient wisdom teaches that each physical ailment is a result of our mental/spiritual thinking. If you find yourself in a continual non-healthy state, take care of yourself first. Cars can't run on empty. Make sure you are healthy before trying to heal others. Once the health issue is resolved, imagine how valuable the experience of self-healing will be as you share with others who have the same lessons.
     Money is energy; treat it as such...nothing more, nothing less. This is something outside of us. Make sure what you are creating is what you really want.
One of the first protocols of Shamanic work: give first...then receive.
      For instance, you have a blessing/prayer before you do any Shamanic work. This is giving of your attention, honor & love to the energies in & around you. Once you have given something (prayer), then you begin the process of creating & receiving.
     Nothing is FREE! Take a look at our churches, & you will find the most ornate buildings in town. That takes money. You have to pay anywhere you go to do anything....clothes, gas, car, insurance, food, etc. This is balanced reciprocity.
     Think about your ideas concerning money. Ask yourself..."How important is my spiritual life? What am I willing to invest in my spiritual education?" . . . Your teachers have to buy food & pay the electric bill, too!

     Here are some additonal subjects for introspection. Jump in, & dig deep. Be consciously aware of what makes you tick.
Basic Awareness: 7 Temples of Reality & 7 Elements of Aloha Mystery Schools

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What are your thoughts about the following topics? 
First memory
 Mission Statement - Life plan - Meaning of Personal Name
God/Goddess - Love - Reality
One word that describes your inner self
Your strengths....Father's strengths....Mother's strengths
Qualities you like about yourself - Tasks you enjoy or find easy to do
Super-Human qualities you desire - Consistent childhood careers/dreams
Defining moments in life: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually
Defining moments near your "7" birthdays - age 7, age 14, age 21, age 28, etc.
What makes you happy/successful/fulfilled/excited?
What do you think your significant other/best friend thinks of you?
Power Totems/Animals/Angels/Spirit Helpers
Quality of Life - Power - Fears
How do you define Shamanism?
Why a Shamanic Mystery School?...And why now?

Additional Considerations for Simply Shaman Mystery School - Master Level Work 

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These are invitations (not requirements) to evaluate your Shamanic Awareness prior to enrolling:
Do you spend time with your Higher Self? Have you met your Higher Self?
Do you meditate everyday?
Do you know principles/themes of Shamanism?
Do you know your past lives? Your 3 Main Astrological Traits?
Are you in your heart? Do you know how to be there?
Have you activated your Heart Merkaba?
Do you practice your Shamanism daily? Ceremonies/Rituals/Instruments/Tools?
What are your primary roles as a Shaman? Any Spirit Name(s)?
Do you teach/share your Shamanism? -- How do you serve as a Shaman?

Shaman's Wish List - tools for ceremony/ritual
     This is a list of items we use in our rituals & ceremonies. You may want to add some of these to your personal Shamanic "tool box." You are not required to have any of these things before starting the Mystery School.

Notebook (loose-leaf or spiral-bound)

Medicine Bag & Tobacco 

Crystals/Stones, Feathers

Bells, Chimes, Conch Horn, Drum, Flute, Music, Rattle, Pu

Ceremonial Clothing & Jewelry


Incense, Sage, Sweetgrass, Lighter

Essential Oils/Charcoal Burners

Florida Water/Scented Waters

Power Tools (energy tools, power staffs/sticks, sword, wands)




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