Meditation can be defined as "conscious union of mind, body & spirit . . . There are many ways to meditate - mental/emotional, physical & spiritual . . . The key to maintaining an effective & prioritized meditation practice is to discover the best way for you . . . Considerations will have to be made, just as in any endeavor, as to your likes/dislikes, comfort, location, surroundings, time & most importantly, motivation --- Why do you want to meditate?

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Examples of Meditation Methods to Bridge Mind-Body-Spirit 

  • Physical: arts/crafts, dancing, exercising, Tai Chi, Yoga, walking or any physical movement
  • Mental: analytical thinking, daydreaming, puzzles, reading, visualization
  • Emotional: "reflection" thinking or physical movements to release anger, grief or pain
  • Spiritual: Angels/Elementals, Divine nature/God, metaphysical expansion


  • Meditation is like any skill - the more you use it, the easier it is, & you establish a pattern for successful practice.
  • Regardless of how much time you allow, continue your conscious union of mind, body & spirit . . . You will find that you "meditate" more than you realized.
  • Our mind, body & spirit are always connected, so in-joy this new ability anywhere you are.
  • You have an innate talent for meditating . . . Simply establish a relationship with everything around you.
  • Start NOW with a simple walk, or sit still at home while relaxing, & focus on your breathing - all very natural things you do every day.


Elemental Meditations

One of the seven perspectives of Huna Hawaiian Shamanic philosophy is:

 "All power is within you." 

We know that everything we need is inside of us . . . We have many ways to access this awareness -- meditation is one of these ways.  

  • As you choose your favorite element below, imagine being immersed into the scenes.
  • Think about the words you see in the foreground, & feel them in your heart.
  • Empty your mind of everyday chatter, & allow the thoughts/feelings to flow in & through you.
  • All you have to do is, RELAX.
  • Your imagination is the key to successful meditation. 

Click on a photo/title for the link --- Relax . . . Breathe . . . Be Aloha.


7 Elements of Huna Shamanism
med-fire  med-wind
Fire/Sun                                          Wind/Air
 med-slide3  med-water2
Water #1                                           Water #2 
med-stone  med-flower
Stone                                                   Plant
med-animal  med-human
Animal                                                                     Human


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