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 No classes/events scheduled --- currently on research sabbatical for rest of 2017 


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    Welcome & thank you for visiting our little corner of the galaxy. EarthStar Spiritual Center is a church/non-profit corporation, offering loving perspectives for spiritual growth & service. Our goal is to assist you in remembering who you are & to activate the beautiful Divine/Human Potential that lives within you. As you take your daily Earth Walk, think about a perspective found in many of our ancient texts:

. . . God is in everyone, everything & everywhere . . . 

    Let this truth express itself with loving intentions in your Circle of Life. Open your heart; & follow its path as you broaden your ways of thinking, feeling & acting. A small change within you will affect your world in the most profound ways. As the Friends of the Earth said in 1969:

Think Globally . . . Act Locally

      Fill your life with peace, love & harmony as you serve when & where you can. We have many options to help you with your spiritual activation. Visit this link for information on classes/events  for personal, business & spiritual enhancement. Explore the information below or in the sidebar, & join us as we create a new world of spiritual intention. All of us are evolving from the Path of the Mind to the Path of the Heart; & we can make a difference shape-shifting our realities with peace, love & harmony. The world is waiting for us!

Believe in Yourself!...God loves You!...Imagine the possibilities!

Maui 2015

Meet you in the space between the heartbeats . . . 



Much Aloha,  

Dale & Jeanne Stacy



Mantra from the 4-D Shaman Mystery School . . . repeat daily . . . know this with all your mind, heart & spirit!!!

4D SMS mantra


Circle of Shamans    (currently on research sabbatical for the rest of 2017)

Connecting weekly for church & study focus . . . Meets Tuesdays, 7:00-9:00 . . . Old/New/Curious Shamans invited . . . Monthly Topics, Meditation, Healing

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Energy Work

Contact Dale by email or phone ---- Crystals & Stones - Huna Hawaiian Kahi Loa/Lomilomi - Reiki - Reflexology - Shamanic Ceremony & Shamanic Energy Healing . . . $60/hour or for budget-friendly considerations, $1/minute. 


Creating Sacred Space with our personal heart vibrations or Heart Lights. Share your Heart Light by joining us in a world-wide social media campaign to post 1 million Heart Lights around the globe. Join us on Facebook --- click here to join 

Creating Sacred Space with our activated Merkabas. We can place loving fields of energy or Merkabas in, around & over any place on Earth. These counter-rotating fields will continuously emit LOVE vibrations through cities, hospitals, battlefields or any area we choose. Join us on Facebook --- click here to join.


Minister Ordination

Answer the call to be an Interfaith or Multi-Faith minister. Perform weddings, blessings, christenings & other religious/spiritual ceremonies legally.
Newsletter  - Classes/Events/Information
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Positive, action-oriented steps to achieve goals/skills for individuals, couples & families. Create a great quality of life -- You deserve it! Contact Dale by email or phone . . . $60/hour in-person or phone -- budget friendly $1/minute.
Information about wedding ceremonies & a list of our Ordained Interfaith Ministers.


Multi-Faith Church for Living Aloha ~ Discovering Our Wholeness


Dale & Jeanne Stacy

(336) 668-7044

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