Andromeda Galaxy



Andromeda Galaxy

Andromeda is a galaxy overwhelmed with beautiful feminine energies.

 In a few million years, it will collide & merge with our own Milky Way Galaxy.

As you enter this portal, you will be on a university campus teeming with hearts & minds from all over the Universe. The focus here is learning about the heart or central core of our being, which is the spiral of the Goddess Way.

Use this portal to explore your loving feminine self, & unlock the mysteries & magic within your heart.


Suggestions for the meditation

Gaze at the center star.

As you defocus on the image, the radial beams will disappear (crossing your eyes may help).

A vesica piscis will appear -- this is the gateway. Close your eyes, & allow your spirit to fly.

Connect with your personal emissary when you arrive.

When the meditation is over, open your eyes. See the vesica piscis again, & you will be back in this reality.


Now.....relax.....breathe.....feel the love.....enjoy the ride.

Your world is about to be rocked!!!


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