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Huna ~ Reflexology ~ Reiki ~ Shamanic 
     Energy Work is defined as holistic practices that promote harmony & wellness of the mind, body & spirit. Notify your medical professional about your Energy Work as this is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care provided by physicians, medical professionals or medical practices. Energy Work may complement your current wellness regimen.
     Keep in mind that physical ailments reflect your current mental/spiritual perspectives. We invite you to treat not only your physical condition, but also to discover & heal the root of your thinking/feeling patterns. Sometimes, a little 3-D body maintenance is required to resonate with the newer version of YOU. Harmony & balance may be restored if we take care of this mind, body & spirit connection.    
     The Energy Work described below may be used as effective stress-reduction & relaxation regimens. Energy Work is often a blend of wellness/spiritual practices from cultures around the world. Remember, YOU have the power to influence & change your well-being. 



Huna is a Hawaiian Shamanic system of Energy Healing - defined
      as "hidden/secret" . . . Rainbow Light is the visualization for the
      movement of energy.
- Kahi & Kahi Loa ("Oneness & Great Oneness")  
    - Light touching of the body's power centers & mana breathing 
    - Flowing Touches/Movements to create sensations on the skin to relieve stress
    - 7 elements of Fire-Wind-Water-Stone-Plant-Animal-Human
    - Client is fully clothed.
- Lomilomi may be practiced in many ways & is truly "Aloha" in motion.
Massage (Licensed) Professionals: physical relaxation & wellness . . . Lomilomi integrates well with current massage modalities or as a stand-alone session. (NC law: massage therapy license if offered for a fee/other consideration.)
Non-licensed practitioners: practice on family members/friends
(without any compensation)
Ministers: Lomi Ho'oponopono Coaching/Energy Work aspect may be used for pastoral counseling (Ho'oponopono) & for reviewing emotional patterns, past-life memories & current life perspectives.



 - Reflex points on the feet are touched/pressed to relieve stress & harmonize
      body systems.

- Client is fully clothed.  

- Check with the practitioner for contraindications.



Reiki blue hand


- Reiki is a Japanese word defined as "Universal Energy" --- rediscovered in Japan
      by Mikao Usui in the late 1800s.

- Usui Reiki Ryoho - "Usui's System of Natural Healing"

- Reiki energy is passed from teacher to student through an attunement ceremony.

- Reiki flows into the body with a light touch & visualization of the Blue Reiki Ray.

- Reiki uses Power Symbols to energize the Reiki Flow.

- Illness & Wellness Sessions - Chakra Balancing - Harmonizes personal energy field

- Client is fully clothed.  


 Shamanic Ceremonies & Energy Work


- Contemporary blending or Modern/Cross-Cultural Shamanism

- Ceremonies/Rituals to restore the balance/harmony in your life (private/group)

      Blessings/Clearings (person, house, land)

      - Ceremonial Oils/Scents

      - Drumming

      - Elemental (Fire-Earth-Air-Water) - Sun - Moon

      - Energy Work: Chakra Balancing, Crystals/Stones/Sacred Geometry Grids,

            Feather, Hawaiian Alaea, Meridians, Merkaba, Smudging, Soul Retrieval,

            Sound (Crystal Bowls - Drum - Tibetan Bells/Bowls - Toning - Tuning forks)

      - Meditation - Shamanic Dreaming/Journeying

      - Power Tools

      - Shamanic Life Coaching & Lomi Ho'oponopono

      - Tai Chi - Qi Gong - Breath Work - Chi balancing

      - Vision Quests 



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